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An immersive introspection on our unsustainable relationship with land. All photos taken from July 2021...
All photography by Nick Manser

Ep.1_The Right To Roam

July 2021

On 24th July 2021, 300 people took to a cordoned off section of the North Downs in Sussex to peacefully protest about the lack of common land in the UK. Only 8 % of accessible land is currently permissible to legally walk upon in England. Led by naturalists, folk singers, right to roam campaigners, and conservationists, the group calmly enjoyed this beautiful stretch of downland on the Sussex coast. Carefully watched by gamekeepers in land cruisers and finally by a group of quietly perplexed police, the mood was buoyant but thoughtful as the campaigners strode reverently onto a sloped patch. Here talks on Roma rights and the reality of our limited land access were given passionately, followed by folk songs. 
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